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'Heroes + Villains' gallery show combines superheroes and gay culture

"The Golden Age Flash"
Philip Bonneau
Homeless Superman
Philip Bonneau
"Batman and Robin"
Philip Bonneau
"The Boy Wonder"
Philip Bonneau
"The Green Lantern"
Philip Bonneau
"Captain Cold"
Philip Bonneau
Philip Bonneau
"Lex Luthor"
Philip Bonneau
Heroes + Villains #2 poster
Philip Bonneau

Geek art has become increasingly prominent, ranging from the denizens of sites like DeviantArt and Etsy to galleries like Los Angeles's own Gallery 1988. A show in that vein combining superheroes with gay culture is opening in Atlanta next week.

The show is called "Heroes + Villains #2," following a similar exhibit last year. The previous version focused on Marvel Comics, but this time photographer Philip Bonneau is going DC. He covers characters from the mainstream icons of Superman and Batman to lesser known characters like Flash villain Captain Cold. One of those pieces looks at Wonder Woman in a different light:

"Not every boy wants to be Batman or Superman; some boys want to be Wonder Woman," Bonneau told the GA Voice.

Bonneau himself is gay, and he brings that to his work with the way he depicts many of the characters, though he also does shots of these heroes in more traditional costume. Bonneau says that superheroes enjoy popularity in the gay community.

"With comic books and superheroes, they all have secret identities, and there are so many gay connotations," Bonneau told the GA Voice. "We can all understand trying to fit in."

He also says that being gay isn't what defines him.

"I don’t choose gay themes, but I do admit that I like the male form," Bonneau told the GA Voice. I like to try and break barriers. I am definitely trying to change the way gay art is viewed and breaking all the stereotypes."

What's next? He plans another sequel to the series, this time focusing on drag.

The exhibit will be showing at Atlanta's MISTER, a gay and bisexual men's community center. It opens Saturday, April 7.

(via Robot 6)