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The Roundup: FEARnet premieres "Holliston," don't miss our DVR This!

Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" returns this Sunday.
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Keith Olbermann has been fired again, this time from Current TV, where he never really seemed to settle in, so it should not have been a surprise to anybody. The question I have for you is, should I transcribe an interview I made with former Vice President Al Gore, show host Cenk Uyger, and former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm? The interview will not shed any light on the Olbermann situation so I'm concerned that it will appear as a fluff piece on the network. Let me know here in the Comments.

TV highlights of the week include a new NBC's premiere of "Best Friends Forever," a new "SNL," and the season premieres of "Nurse Jackie," "The Big C," and "The Borgias." Lots of great late night guests this week even though "Chelsea Lately" is on hiatus. Look for details in DVR This! below.

DVR This! A compendium of this week's premieres, finales, and exceptional TV shows:
Tonight: "Raising Hope" (Fox @ 8pm), "New Girl" (Fox @ 9pm), "Justified" (FX @ 10pm), Chris Elliott on Conan, Amy Schumer on Kimmel, Ted Danson on Ferguson.
Wednesday: "Bobcat Golthwait: You Don't Look The Same Either" (Showtime @ 8pm), "Best Friends Forever" series premiere (NBC @ 8:30pm), "Happy Endings" (ABC @ 9:30pm), "Psych" (USA @ 10pm), "Ugly Americans" (Comedy Central @ 10:30pm), Jeffrey Tambor on Ferguson.
Thursday: "Community" (NBC @ 8pm), "30 Rock" (NBC @ 8:30pm), "Independent Lens" Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey (PBS SoCal/KOCE @ 9pm), "Scandal" series premiere (ABC @ 10pm), Anthony Bourdain on "The Daily Show," Anne Rice on Colbert, Sofia Vergara & Judd Apatow on Fallon.
Friday: "Real Time With Bill Maher" (HBO @ 8pm), "Fringe" (Fox @ 9pm), "Magic City" series premiere (Starz @ 10pm), Guy Pearce & Eugene Levy on Fallon.
Saturday: "Saturday Night Live" with host Sofia Vergara, musical guest One Direction (NBC @ 11:25pm)
Sunday: "Frozen Planet" (Discovery @ 8pm), "Nurse Jackie" season premiere (Showtime @ 8pm), "The Big C" season premiere (Showtime @ 8:30pm), "The Killing" (AMC @ 9pm), "Game of Thrones" (HBO @ 9pm), "The Borgias" season premiere (Showtime @ 9pm), "Masterpiece Classic" Great Expectations (PBS SoCal/KOCE @ 9pm), "Mad Men" (AMC @ 10pm), "Eastbound & Down" (HBO @ 10pm)
Monday: "Adventure Time" (Cartoon Network @ 7:30pm), "Regular Show" (Cartoon Network @ 8pm), "Hotel Impossible" series premiere (Travel Channel @ 10pm), Ricky Gervais on Letterman. 

Events: The Long Shot Podcast has a live show this Saturday, April 7, at the Improv Lab at 10:30pm, special guest will be the incredibly funny Matt Knudsen as special guest - don't miss it, superinexpensive and very very funny. Speaking of the Improv, make plans to see Dana Gould on Saturday, April 14, it will be a great show! | On Friday, there will be an All-Star Comedy special event show at the Laugh Factory this Friday, April 6, with Iliza Shlesinger, Chris D'Elia, Chris Spencer, & special guests. | I know it's a month off, but tickets will run out for An Evening With Craig Ferguson at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills on May 10th, so get yours reserved now as Ferguson will be incredibly entertaining, even as an interview subject.

Other Media: All you Hunger Games fans should check out KCRW's The Business podcast with the producer who made it happen. | Tomorrow NBC premieres "Best Friends Forever" and the Greg Fitz Show podcast has co-creators, producers and stars of the new show, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, as guests. | Carrie Brownstein of "Portlandia" must've been very busy before the show's 2nd premeire back in January but she's making the rounds now, check her out on Marc Maron's WTFpod.

Tonight the horror-fan network, FEARnet premieres its newest series, "Holliston," at 7:30pm Pacific. This new horror-sitcom is created, written, and stars horror genre auteur Adam Green, and it's about a pair of struggling wanna-be horror filmmakers. "Holliston" has a very heavy emphasis on the comedy and less so on the horror, probably to the show's detriment, although from viewing the first few episodes, the gore factor does seem to increase, and I'm hopeful that continues. This is not a show for someone who will be satisfied with typical, mainstream TV. FEARnet is designed to provide content and an environment for fans of horror and schlock, and the show falls short of delivering all the goods, in this iteration, at least. Fans of horror should still watch and support "Holliston," in order to give Green and his fellow creators time to continue to develop the show. Highlights of the show include guest star Dee Snider, who runs a cable station and is the boss of Green and his buddy, played by Joe Lynch. There are some great references to classic horror memes and the daydream/nightmare sequences are where the show is at its funniest. I've included a teaser for tonight's episode, below: