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Céu, Elvis Costello, Of Monsters and Men, Nicki Minaj - KPCC's New Music Cheatsheet

Photo by gizzypooh via Flickr Creative Commons

This week's releases include moody indie singles, croony Brazilian mingles, the multi-sense cacophony of Nicki Minaj, Elvis Costello live at The Wiltern, and a Bear in Heaven.

Selections fall into one of two categories: a) music that people are talking about or b) music that people should be talking about. Decide for yourself which column gets which. 

From the new and noteworthy, to the nonsensical and hideous, we've put together an ever-growing, hand-picked playlist of new music. It's yours for the judging at KPCC CHEATSHEET < The Now Sound >.

New Music Releases - April 3, 2012

Additions, corrections, recipes? Let us know. Leave a comment and/or drag new selections for playlist consideration to my Spotify inbox. I know you have good taste -- you read KPCC.org.

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