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Flashmob descends on 9-year-old boy's cardboard arcade in East LA

Screenshot via Vimeo

A short video about a local boy's homemade cardboard arcade is racking up high scores across the internet.

Caine Monroy, a resourceful 9-year-old from East LA, constructed a fantasy arcade out of boxes from his father's used auto parts store, creating elaborate games, prize displays, and even a fraud detection system.

Because the arcade is located in an area without much foot traffic, Caine's hand-crafted kingdom suffered from a complete lack of customers until the day a filmmaker in search of a used Corolla door handle, came upon the cardboard game zone. 

Nirvan Mullick met the young boy who asked if he wanted to play -- $1 for a few turns or for $2 a "Fun Pass" that would get him 500 turns. Mullick purchased a Fun Pass to Caine's Arcade and then took to the online world, organizing a flashmob of enthusiastic players to pay the industrious boy a visit.

If you don't get misty hearing this child say, "I thought they were cheering for me, and they were, and I was proud," then your heart is made of twigs. 

 [ht: Boing Boing]


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