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The Roundup: 'In Plain Sight' at Paley; NBC juggling both Mitt & Sarah Silverman issues?

Mary McCormack as stars as Mary Shannon in USA's
Mary McCormack as stars as Mary Shannon in USA's "In Plain Sight" which will be featured at the Paley Center tomorrow night. - Photo by: Robert Ascroft/USA Network
Robert Ascroft

Mitt Romney is considering an appearance on "Saturday Night Live" as if the opportunity has been offered. I'm sure, if anybody cares to look, that in the recent past Romney has decried the humor on "SNL," so would this be another "pivot" by his campaign? Since when did we allow "flip flop" to be rebranded as "pivot"? Hey "SNL" writers, there's a sketch in that concept right there. While last week's "SNL" with Josh Brolin as host wasn't terrible, it didn't seem to have too many high points either, other than some well-deserved and accurate California-bashing. Unfortunately the show somehow didn't properly leverage the considerable talents of Brolin. Live TV isn't easy and "SNL" should always get the benefit of the doubt, so we're looking forward to some new episodes.

Also in NBC-related news is the molehill-to-mountain conversion of a Sarah Silverman tweet that conservative media is trumpeting as the latest salvo in the liberal "War On Women." The tweet, a joke about consuming (and eliminating) a burrito with a reference to Roe vs Wade, has not spurred NBC to can the new series that Silverman is developing for the network. Terminating Silverman's show would definitely be a sexist move, as the network has kept Alec Baldwin employed despite his disruption of a plane flight that could have resulted in Federal charges.

DVR This! "Parks and Recreation" returns to NBC this week in a new and supposedly permanent time slot. Definitely check it out as the show ramps up to an episode on April 26th that can't be missed!
Tonight - "Cougar Town" (ABC @ 8:30pm), "New Girl" (Fox @ 9pm), "Raising Hope" (Fox @ 9:30pm), "Frontline" The Real CSI (PBS SoCal/KOCE @ 10pm), "Conan" has Patton Oswalt & Bo Burnham (TBS @ 11pm).
Wednesday - "Best Friends Forever" (NBC @ 8:30pm), "Modern Family" (ABC @ 9pm), "The Soup" (E! @ 10pm), "Ugly Americans" (Comedy Central @ 10:30pm), comics April Richardson, Josh Wolf, and Ben Gleib on "Chelsea Lately" (E! @ 11pm), Michael Sheen and Michael Ian Black on Ferguson (CBS @ 12:35am).
Thursday - The NBC comedy block (8pm-10pm) is all new + the return of "Parks and Recreation," "Scandal" (ABC @ 10pm), comics Greg Fitzsimmons, Fortune Feimster, and Gary Valentine on "Chelsea Lately" (E! @ 11pm), Tavis Smiley and Cornel West on "Colbert Report" (Comedy Central @ 11:30pm)
Friday - "Real Time With Bill Maher" (HBO @ 8pm), "Fringe" (Fox @ 9pm), "SoCal Connected" Ticket To Space: Shuttle Diplomacy (KCET @ 9pm), Emily Deschanel and Jerry Ferrara on Ferguson (CBS @ 12:35am)
Saturday - "Saturday Night Live" with Daniel Radcliffe as host and Lana Del Rey as musical guest (NBC @ 11:25pm)
Sunday -  "Frozen Planet" (Discovery @ 8pm), "The Killing" (AMC @ 9pm), "Mad Men" (AMC @ 10pm), "Game of Thrones" (HBO @ late night rerun), "Veep" (HBO @ late night rerun), "Girls" (HBO @ late night rerun)
Monday -  "Adventure Time" (Cartoon Network @ 7:30pm), "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" Croatian Coast (Travel @ 9pm), Stagecoach (1939) (TCM @ 10pm), comics John Caparulo, Arden Myrin, & TJ Miller on "Chelsea Lately" (E! @ 11pm), Joel McHale and Dan Boulger on Ferguson (CBS @ 12:35am).

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Events USA's "In Plain Sight" has its series finale on May 4th, but tomorrow fans of the show can see the cast and creators of the show at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. Mary McCormack, Frederick Weller, Rachel Boston and more will be there and taking questions. | Tom Green is doing 2 shows at the Hollywood Improv this Saturday; the man has remade himself into a capable and very entertaining standup comedian, and you should check him out. | Bobbie Oliver has a great showcase at the Ice House in Pasadena on Sunday, so if you're East Side, it'll be worth your time. |