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Programming for dogs: DogTV is here, just like Scrooged said it would be

Photo by Snugg LePup via Flickr Creative Commons

When real life imitates Bill Murray jokes on a global scale, it can only mean that civilization is evolving to weed out the unfunny ones. With this, we bring you news of DogTV -- an actual cable network developed to deliver round the clock programming for Rover.

Producers say the overall intention is to stimulate canine viewers with short segments designed to keep pups relaxed yet entertained, while their owners are out doing human things. Three to six minute pieces will feature Fido's favorites like fields, balls, and tummy rubs.

According to network executives, the shows are "scientificially designed" to appeal to dogs, with special consideration to those with separation anxiety, says the New York Times

Veterinarians are skeptical, however, and suspect the network may be successful at curbing human guilt about leaving their pawed pals alone, but not sure that it will do much to make the animals feel better.

During a test at the Escondido Humane Society in California, observers found that exposure to DogTV helped reduce anxious behaviors and barking, at least temporarily.

This treat can be found online and has been available to some parts of San Diego since February. Cable systems nationwide may get the channel by the end of the year. Sit Ubu sit. Good dog. Woof.



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