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Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross hang out in new YouTube short

Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross in a new short film from Birbiglia.
Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross in a new short film from Birbiglia.
Sleepwalk With Me YouTube account

Comedian/author/"This American Life" personality Mike Birbiglia debuted a new short film last night as part of This American Life's "The Invisible Made Visible" live show. I caught the showing at the AMC Burbank 16, and Birbiglia's video got huge laughs from the live crowd.

The show as a whole was very public radio-friendly, but nothing moreso than this short, which costars the one and only Terry Gross of "Fresh Air." Is Terry Gross always so... Terry Gross-y? Birbiglia delivers you the (not-really-the) answer.

"Fresh Air 2" is another film collaboration between Birbiglia and This American Life's Ira Glass, following the feature film "Sleepwalk With Me" based on a story Birbiglia told on the show, as well as turning it into a stage show and a book. The film's been on the festival circuit and hits theaters everywhere August 24. (That's my birthday, so it's clearly a present for me!) It was written, directed by and stars Birbiglia, and both that and the short film were produced by Glass.

The rest of the live show featured other "This American Life" favorites like David Rakoff and David Sedaris, as well as new voices and stories that work better with a visual element. You'll be able to listen to selections from the live show on a future episode of the radio show.

It lost a little bit of its immediacy due to the show being delayed for the west coast (curse you, east coast bigotry!), but a great time all in all.

Also, shhhh, you didn't hear it from me, but here's a YouTube bootleg of part of OK Go's appearance at the show, which included audiences using an iPhone app to play parts in the show: