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Warped record store nostalgia is 'Resurrected' in Rhino documentary

Screenshot of "Rhino Resurrected" via Kickstarter

The wild world of the record store species is "Resurrected" in a new documentary about Westwood's extinct Rhino Records shop, and the reissue label born of its horn.

Suddenly hungry for dollars, Rhino Resurrected -- "a film about our lost collective music experience told through the insane-but-true story of Rhino Records" -- is destined to graze forever in pop culture limbo unless it gets the Kickstarter funds to, ironically, score the film and license the music.

Filmmaker Keith Shapiro says his inspiration for chronicling the bizarre yarns of the iconic outpost came in 2010 when Rhino founder Richard Foos, with ex-employee Sam Epstein, launched a two week "pop-up" shop.

The film, a collection of interviews, stories, archive footage, and live performances, won Best Feature Documentary at the 2012 Oxford Film Festival, screened at "Don't Knock the Rock!," and made an appearance at the 2012 Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival.


Rhino Resurrected

"The Incredibly Strange Story of the World’s Most Famous Record Store"