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Comedian Todd Barry's Comedy Central special and album, "Super Crazy" premieres tonight

Todd Barry's Comedy Central special,
Todd Barry's Comedy Central special, "Super Crazy," premieres tonight at 11pm. CD/DVD out next Tuesday.

If you're a consumer of TV, film, or comedy, you have seen or heard Todd Barry sometime in the past 15 years. Here are just a few highlights: Barry has appeared on "The Larry Sanders Show," appeared more than a dozen times on "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist," played the part of Todd, the 3rd Conchord, in probably the best episode of "Flight of the Conchords," had a supporting role in The Wrestler, and has made more appearances than just about any other non-family character on FX's "Louie." Those highlights don't include dozens of appearances on TV comedy showcases and late night shows like "Late Night With Conan O'Biren," "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and the "Late Show With David Letterman."

Todd Barry has been performing comedy for 20+ years and he knows what to do with an audience, he is deft, reserved, and masterful and sometimes that puts people off. I recently read a post from somebody who said that he "hated comedians who are smug, who look like they'd never acknowledge a joke or crack a smile." While Barry's humor is sardonic and cutting, you can hear the humor in his voice and he laughs with the audience, particularly when interacting with individuals and he even concedes to broadly smiling in the show, adding that "they will probably have to edit that out."

Barry told me that he's been drawing his material from experiences on the stage and conversations with friends. "I'll be telling a story to friends and I'll end up thinking, 'I wonder if I can make jokes out of this, I wonder if I can bring this onstage?' And then I'll try. I end up making adjustments all the time to the material. We recorded this back in December and I know that I'm doing some of these jokes a bit differently now but I'm really confident in what we did."

There are many priceless bits in "Super Crazy," particularly a story about jury duty that Barry confirmed is true. Throughout the special Barry makes references to road travels, the life of a comic, and how jokes are made, leaving one with not only a great experience enjoying humor but with some knowledge of what made the jokes funny in the first place, if you are paying attention. "Super Crazy" proves Todd Barry has been paying attention for a long time, explaining why he's the go-to man for everyone from Louis C.K. to Darren Aronofsky. Watch the special tonight on Comedy Central at 11pm or get the CD/DVD when it become available next Tuesday, July 24th, uncensored.


For more information on Todd Barry, check out his website and follow his hilarious Twitter stream, a clip from "Super Crazy" is available below.


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