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'Full House' turns 25: Twins do not tune in for LA celebration

Photo via Twitter (@candacecbure)
Photo via Twitter (@andreabarber)

"Full House" aired on ABC from 1987 to 1995, spoon-feeding the television audience (and tiny Olsen twins) eight innocuous seasons of primetime formula gold. 

It was Bob Sagat before we knew how awesomely filthy (NSFW) he was, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen before clothing exploded onto them, ex-Mr. Rebecca Romijn John Stamos back when he was just Jesse and the Rippers and not the bonus member of the Beach Boys, and Dave "You Oughta Know" Coulier and his "Cut It Out" antics.

Yahoo wanted to know where the twinsies were at the unofficial reunion/anniversary celebration over the weekend in Los Angeles, and got an answer they called, "underwhleming." The answer, per their publicist, was that the Olsen's "weren't able to attend, given their work schedules."

Luckily, US Weekly summed up what the girls missed, as a number of the Housers -- , , , @candacecbure -- took to Twitter sharing photos of each other, the "Full House" house shaped cake, and upsetting NKOTB karaoke. 

With about 190 well-loved, gloriously banal episodes in seemingly eternal syndication, the memory of the family-friendly sitcom has crossed generations, faced the Internet and survived, and logged the requistie number of post-show scandals, thereby earning it a permanant home in the annals of "yeah, I remember that show."