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Mega Man celebrates 25 years with free Street Fighter crossover

Capcom brings two of their classic video game franchises together in Street Fighter X Mega Man.
Capcom brings two of their classic video game franchises together in Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Happy birthday, little robot boy blue: It’s Mega Man’s birthday! To celebrate the video game star’s birth, Capcom is releasing a free game online — Street Fighter X Mega Man, a game created in the classic Mega Man style with the hero facing off against evil bosses with different powers. The twist is that those villains this time are the heroes of the Street Fighter video games, which is also celebrating its own 25th anniversary.

The game was created by a Singapore Mega Man fan, with an original soundtrack offering a mix of Street Fighter and Mega Man influence created by another fan. Its creator, Seow Zong Hui, created the game independently and brought it on a laptop to Capcom at a convention, showing them the game and earning their support. They saw it as a way to bridge the 25th anniversary celebration of Street Fighter and move into a celebration of Mega Man.

Watch the creator and Capcom representatives tell the story:

An interesting note: one of Capcom’s representatives notes that this is a make good, as Mega Man fans have been unhappy with the state of the character in the video game world today. A Mega Man Legends idea from the series’ creator was dismissed by Capcom, and his character was mocked in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Sorry, Mac users (such as myself) — this game is PC only. You can download it here. The soundtrack is also scheduled to be released as a free download Tuesday, Dec. 18 at the composer’s site.

Capcom’s U.S. headquarters is right here in California. They recently held the Street Fighter anniversary tournament finals near their San Mateo headquarters, where they announced Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Watch a trailer for the game:

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