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The Roundup: FX premieres 'Legit,' 'Archer' and 'Totally Biased' Thursday night

"Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell" is part of FX's big night of comedy premieres.

Tonight is a big night for FX with the return of "Archer" (10pm), the series premiere of "Legit" (10:30pm), and the return of "Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell" (11pm). We spoke with Bell last December for an interview on here KPCC (for the full audio, listen to this podcast) where he revealed that more comedians will be participating in innovative segments on the show, so tune in.

It will be interesting to see how people will receive "Legit," another FX series originated, written-by, and starring a comedian, this time Jim Jeffries. "Legit" is no "Louie" and Jeffries level of involvement of the show doesn't extend to casting, directing, editing, and writing the music, a burden that Louis C.K. shoulders for his show, but Jeffries does a lot. While it could be pointed out that tonight's premiere episode is the adaptation, almost to the last detail, of a closing bit from his HBO special, "I Swear To God," what was most apparent to me was how Jeffries' raw and raunchy style has been toned-down and is verging on sweet - and it works! Another significant difference between "Louie" and "Legit" is that "Legit" has supporting characters who are given the chance to develop at least as much as Jeffries as the episodes go on. DJ Qualls and Dan Bakkedahl play brothers who have the misfortune/fortune of being friends with Jeffries who, while unscrupulous, does what he can to make his friends happy. Their relationship with Jeffries is what the show is all about (at least in the 3 episodes I have seen) and what gives the show its chance to win over an audience.

DVR This! Tonight - "30 Rock" (8pm, NBC); "Parks and Recreation" (8:30pm, NBC); "Archer" (10pm, FX) season premiere; "Legit" (10:30pm, FX) series premiere; "Totally Biased With Kamau Bell" (11pm, FX) season premiere. Friday - "Fringe" (8pm, Fox) series finale; "Real Time With Bill Maher" (10pm, HBO). Saturday - "Ripper Street" (9pm, BBC America) series premiere; "Saturday Night Live" (11:25pm, NBC) Host Jennifer Lawrence, The Lumineers perform. Sunday - "Shameless" (9pm, Showtime) or "Girls" (9pm, HBO); "House of Lies" (10pm, Showtime); "Californication" (10:30pm, Showtime).

Plan and/or Make Note Of: From January 24th to February 10th a massive exodus of stand-up comics, sketch & improv performers, will journey to San Francisco to perform at SF Sketchfest. It would be impossible to attempt to even summarize who will be performing so I suggest you check out their performer page and their schedule page and be prepared to scroll-scroll-scroll. There will be tributes to "Portlandia" and "Children's Hospital," Reggies Watts will have a residency, Eddie Pepitone will screen and discuss his film The Bitter Buddha, the Upright Citizens Brigade and Drew Carey will perform, there will be 2 dozen live podcast shows, and tons of stand-up including Maria Bamford, Andy Kindler, Todd Barry, Nick Kroll, and Brody Stevens. "Hey, this is in San Francisco, why are you telling us LA people about this?" you may ask. The answer is, LA doesn't have anything close to this kind of celebration of comedy, SF is in the same state, you or your friends might happen to be there, _and_ you may find yourself wondering why comedy offerings around town a little lacking it's because so many of our amazing local performers will be in SF during the 18 days of the show.