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Channel 101 back for 2013 with more viral video battles (like 'Car-Jumper' vs. 'Karate, PI')

The January winners of the Channel 101 video competition.
The January winners of the Channel 101 video competition.

For the past 10 years, Channel 101 has been pitting video directors against one another to create short five-minute TV shows, which an audience of rabid voters at a Los Angeles screening gets to vote on each month to decide which of these mini-shows will get another episode — and which gets canceled. It was founded by “Community” creator Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, who co-created “The Sarah Silverman Program” and directed episodes of several other TV shows.

They held their 2013 debut screening Saturday night. My personal favorite this month: “Car-Jumper,” the current reigning champion at five episodes. It had me intrigued with its Bane-esque villain, then it had me fully on board with his faithful sidekick, the social media-expert Status Update. You can check it out below. (Warning: There is some adult language in this video.)

“Karate, P.I.” has made it to its third episode, providing a “Magnum, P.I.” for the 21st century — with way more use of karate.

You can watch the other shows advancing to next month’s competition, the five that didn’t make it, and the rest of the Channel 101 archives at Channel101.com.

(Hat tip: The Comedy Bureau)