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SoCal's Yogurtland gives away free yogurts for National Frozen Yogurt Day

Frozen yogurt — with rainbow sprinkles.
Frozen yogurt — with rainbow sprinkles.
shadeofmelon/Flickr Creative Commons

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day! Yes, it’s the day where you can eat something that’s mildly better for you than ice cream, probably! Orange County-based froyo chain Yogurtland is offering free frozen yogurt Monday, Feb. 4 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., in celebration of this made-up holiday.

The offering is so popular that Yogurtland’s website was down intermittently this afternoon. If you can get the site to work, you can find a location near you here (or you can always just Google Maps it).

Warning: A few locations are being frozen yogurt grinches and not participating in the promotion, including the Yogurtland in Brentwood, according to Yogurtland’s website.

The company is also supporting education charity First Book. It’s not a huge donation — they’re matching up to $20,000 — but it’s for a charity that helps provide new books to kids. Yogurtland’s support will help provide 8,000 books to kids in need, according to Yogurtland. Donations will be matched until Feb. 10.

They served more than 1.2 million free cups of yogurt last year on the first annual National Frozen Yogurt Day, and expect to serve over a million once again at their 190 locations.

They’re partnering with Hershey’s, and the event is also sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board.