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VIDEO: 'Dog Eat Dog' tells mostly true story of Zachary Quinto adopting LA shelter dog

Zachary Quinto looks to adopt a Los Angeles shelter dog in
Zachary Quinto looks to adopt a Los Angeles shelter dog in "Dog Eat Dog."

This video contains adult language.

The new short film “Dog Eat Dog” tells the story of how actor Zachary Quinto (You might know him as Sylar from “Heroes” or, oh yeah, Spock) adopted a dog from a Los Angeles shelter. The film’s director, Sian Heder, was with Quinto as he tried adopting the dog, and the film is based on Heder’s notes.

“The story of the film is an exaggerated account of how I eventually found my rescue dog Noah, but it still reflects a bit of the reality I faced when I was looking to adopt a shelter dog,” Quinto told the website Petsami, a pet-based entertainment site (yes, those exist) that’s hosting the film.

The heightened version of Quinto gets… perhaps a bit too attached to a potential shelter dog before getting approved to adopt the dog, as they wait for his owner to potentially claim him and he competes with another suitor to be the chosen adoptive dog parent.

No word on which specific incidents were inspired by real life and which only exist in the fictional world of “Dog Eat Dog.”

(Hat tip: Laughing Squid)