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MAP: From shore to drunken shore, mapping the US by alcohol

Mapping the United States by beer and liquor brands.
Mapping the United States by beer and liquor brands.

Thrillist took to mapping the United States by our nation’s greatest asset: its variety of alcohol. From the Samuel Adams shores of Massachusetts to California’s Sierra Nevada mountains/beers, there’s a little bit of everything.

Some are more well known, like Tennessee’s Jack Daniel’s, Kentucky’s Jim Beam, Wisconsin’s Miller and Missouri’s Budweiser. Then you’ve got your more niche/local brews that aren’t on the tips, either figuratively or literally, of everyone else’s tongues — Dakota Spirits Distillery, anyone?

California offers a number of spirited options for your spirits. The California Craft Brewers Association represents over 270 breweries, according to the organization. Los Angeles County brewers include Golden Road, Angel City and more.

What’s your favorite Southern California brewery? Let us know in the comments. You can also check out the full size Thrillist beer and liquor map here.

(Hat tip: Laughing Squid)