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What everyone really thinks about Los Angeles, according to Google searches


What exasperates people about Los Angeles? Blogger Nate Shivar decided to take a look at the Google AutoSuggest results of “why is [city name] so…” for the United States’ fifty largest cities, as well as several other world cities.

Google completes these searches with the most common endings, so what you’re seeing is what others have searched for.

So what were L.A.’s results? The city is apparently “polluted,” “popular,” “ugly” and “expensive,” according to Google users — which are, well, pretty much everyone. There’s some variability in the results, depending on factors like your own browser history; results when field testing this ourselves also included “dangerous.” Of course, it’s better than the results for some other cities — Chicago got “corrupt” and “violent,” Boston and Cincinnati “racist” and Buffalo was “cold” and“depressing.”

You can apply this search methodology to other Southern California locations. Orange County? “Famous,” “expensive,” “republican” and “conservative.” Try it for Glendale and you’ll get “full of armenians.”

And as for our entire state? It gets the same “expensive” result as L.A. and Orange County, plus “liberal,” “hot”… and “broke.” It looks like budget cuts have yet to turn around the state’s economic prospects, at least in people’s minds.

(Hat tip: The Atlantic Cities)