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#kpccFUNNY: 9 great social media moments

Host John Rabe and intern Matt Lee make funny faces while telling us a joke.
Host John Rabe and intern Matt Lee make funny faces while telling us a joke.

Can you tell a joke in six seconds? That's the question we asked folks leading up to FUNNY: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Comedy, a Crawford Family Forum program with comedian Alonzo Bodden and author David Misch.

Through conversation and discussion of Misch's book, FUNNY, the two led audience members through an exploration into the hilarious absurdity of the human condition, the legendary jokers that make us howl and why it feels so damn good to laugh out loud.

Watch a video of the discussion here. 

In person and through social media, we called on listeners to share their best jokes. We also scoured the Internet. We found all types of humor, ranging from knock knock jokes to goofy songs. Here are a few responses, combined with other comedic moments from across the web.

Celebrity baby names

It’s sometimes difficult to choose the perfect name. But this employee from the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club has it all figured out. 

Ellen DeGeneres captures the unusual nature of celebrity baby names, in an attempt to guess the name of Kim and Kanye’s little one. 


We visited the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal CityWalk to ask community members for their favorite one-liners — and we lucked out with voice actor Rob Paulsen, who hosts a monthly show at the club. He sang us a tune from his time as Yakko on the TV series "Animaniacs." 

Music and comedy have been long intertwined. Check out this Oscar performance featuring Jack Black, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.


Pigs can have their share of fun, too.

Everyone loves a silly pet video, right? The Associated Press compiled a list of the top animal clips from “America’s Funniest Home Videos."


And then there's deadpanning when you’re hungry. KPCC web producer Mike Roe shows us how it's done. 

The very opposite: Slapstick humor with Mr. Bean. 


A clever play on words makes for a side-splitting time.

Knock knock jokes

You never know who’s at the door. But KPCC intern Matt Lee is about to find out via Off-Ramp host John Rabe.

Potty humor

No need for the whoopee cushion. This gal has got it covered.

#kpccFUNNY wouldn't be complete without a joke from Patt Morrison

Do you have a joke to share? Let us know on Vine, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #kpccFUNNY.