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'Breaking Bad' auction: Walter White's undies net $9,900 (photos)

You can now own Walter White's tighty whitey underwear from "Breaking Bad" thanks to an auction by

UPDATE Oct. 11: Bidding has ended on the "Breaking Bad" memorabilia auction to some rather surprising results.

Walter White's undies went for $9,900, Tio Salamanca's bell went for a whopping $26,750, the copy of "Leaves Of Grass" signed by D.B. to W.W. garnered $65,500 and Tuco's Grill went for $20,250. 

Curious about the rest? Head on over to the Screenbid site to see more


Fans of the AMC hit "Breaking Bad" may be mourning the impending end of the series, but now they have a chance to own a little piece of Walter White's twisted legacy — even his tighty-whities. 

The newly launched online auction site is auctioning off props from the groundbreaking series beginning on Sunday, Sept. 29, the same day as the show's finale. Everything from Walter White's iconic briefs to Tuco Salamanca's grill will be up on the block.

"Everything that Screenbid has is screen-used. There may have been multiple versions of an item, but we can track everything from the show," Screenbid founder Jeffrey A. Dash told KPCC. "Sony authenticates everything, so the fans know it's real."

Sony's television unit helped produce the show and handled the transportation of props from Albequerque, New Mexico back to Sony's facility in Los Angeles. 

Also available are numerous vehicles from the show, including a beat-up version of Walter White's Aztec, which is not in running condition. According to Screenbid, three Aztecs were used in the show — one is still in Sony's possession, one was sold for parts and the one up for auction was used as a crash vehicle. 

Skyler White's wood-paneled Jeep is also available, as is a truck used by the Vamanos Pest exterminator company. Unfortunately, Walt and Jesse's Winnebago mobile meth lab will not be available. If you want to see it, you'll have to take a tour of the Sony lot, where it will remain on display.

Dash said that he and his partner Bill Block started Screenbid to fill a void in the film and television industry. There wasn't really a streamlined way for film and TV production houses to handle props after a project wrapped, Dash said. They envisioned their business as a clearing house for studios and independent producers and directors. 

"We saw that there was no uniform way to wrap a TV show," said Dash. "Items frequently found online or were just walked off set by the crew, leading to authenticity issues."

The site currently boasts 250 items, with more to be added in the next two weeks. Dash said that some of the more popular items include the signed "Leaves of Grass" book, Tuco's grill and Tio Salamanca's wheelchair, which he describes as a "piece of art." Also of interest may be Walt and Jesse's Hazmat suits, as well as various Los Pollos Hermanos paraphernalia. 

For now, Dash is holding out on releasing the rest of the available items until the finale — because many are pivotal to the last two episodes of the show. You'll have to stay tuned to find out what these final items turn out to be.