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Video: MST3K Turkey Day Marathon returns this Thanksgiving

shoutfactory (via YouTube)

“Mystery Science Theater 3000” (MST3K for the hardcores), home of a man and his robot companions mocking B-movies, made its name in the early days of Comedy Central, with an annual Thanksgiving day marathon being an early tradition. Now that tradition is back — on YouTube. Watch it above.

This year marks the show’s 25th anniversary, and creator Joel Hodgson worked with MST3K DVD distributor Shout Factory to make this marathon possible. Shout is hawking its wares as fans get the chance to watch the show’s legacy live on, with six episodes featuring new introductions from Hodgson.

As the show declared on its website, “Once upon a time Comedy Central’s MST3K Turkey Day Marathon was as much a Thanksgiving tradition as mashed potatoes and drunk uncles. Well we believe in the value of tradition, so we have resurrected the MST3K Marathon for the digital age.”

The show’s very first episode premiered on Minnesota cable channel KTMA on Thanksgiving 1988, showing two films: “Invaders from the Deep” and “Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars.” When KTMA faded away, it became one of the first original shows picked up by the Comedy Channel, which eventually became Comedy Central after a merger with a rival cable channel.

Comedy Central debuted the first MST3K Turkey Day marathon with 30 hours of the show on Thanksgiving 1991, and it was an annual event throughout its Comedy Central run.

Hodgson did a Reddit AMA earlier this week to celebrate the anniversary as well. In the Q&A, he teased fans saying he’d be open to appearing on Rifftrax, the audio series from the host who took over for Hodgson when he left the show. The show’s cast split in two in the Internet era, with some being part of Rifftrax while others participated in “Cinematic Titanic,” but fans hoping for a Mega Powers-style teamup (look it up) have a chance at that dream.

When asked if he actually liked any of the bad movies they watched, Hodgson said, well, of course.

“I loved so many of the movies,” Hodgson wrote. “In every movie you riff, you find really great moments regardless. Just saying they are bad movies is a coloring book version of what we do, really. As you know, you can riff on any movie. But the cheesy movies are easier to get.”

He isn’t shy to take a shot at a recent movie — he said he’d love to riff on the recent White House terrorist attack movie “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Hodgson also announced MST3K wasn’t his only YouTube appearance of the week — he’s also set to appear on Reddit’s Black Friday livestream.