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Brooks Wheelan cast on SNL halfway through yearlong video diary

"Saturday Night Live" cast member Brooks Wheelan's video documenting his past year as he went from L.A. engineer to SNL star.
brooks wheelan (via Vimeo)

New "Saturday Night Live" featured cast member Brooks Wheelan decided early last year to start keeping a video diary, recording one second of video a day of something interesting and putting it all together into a music video at the end of the year, which he posted earlier this week. He started the year as an engineer who did comedy at night in Los Angeles, and ended it living in New York City and working on SNL.

It's not an original idea — people have been doing photo a day journals for a while now, and the video idea has gained more prominence in recent years as shooting video gets built into our phones and other devices. Wheelan himself notes that he stole the idea from fellow comedian Rory Scovel, who did a similar video in 2012.

Wheelan describes the experience:

"I picked a very lucky year to film. I started it off as an LA stand up comic with an engineering day job, and through a crazy turn of events, I ended it working at Saturday Night Live. This was a very fortunate year."

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The video, set to music by Arcade Fire and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, features a number of recurring themes, including comedy shows at various L.A. venues, skateboarding, concerts (keep an eye out for Coachella) and the outdoors. You can also spot other SoCal events like Comic-Con.

Stick with it though, and come late August, you'll see Wheelan make the transition to the East Coast for his time on SNL. The guest stars in his video shift to frequent appearances by his SNL castmates.

He's also humble about how great everything in his year seems:

"Side note: if you only film one second out of your day and put it to music, it looks like your day was much cooler than it actually was."