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Funny or Die admits hoverboard prank in new video starring Christopher 'Doc Brown' Lloyd

A HUVr hoverboard, styled after the
A HUVr hoverboard, styled after the "Back to the Future 2" device.

Funny or Die admitted that they were behind the hoax in a new video. The larger purpose behind that HUVr Tech hoverboard video prank: Facebook comments.

Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd, aka Doc Brown, gives a seemingly faux-tearful apology, claiming to be "hover-duped" while also noting that he was there and saw the wires and the cranes. His joke explanation: That he wanted to believe so bad that his brain must have erased those wires and those cranes.

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In any case, they're promising to give away a HUVr hoverboard used in the shoot that's styled like the one in "Back to the Future Part II," signed by everyone involved, to a random commenter on their Facebook post of the apology video who posts in the next 24 hours from when it was posted. You've got until 2:17 p.m. Thursday.

This came just hours after another post on the HUVr Tech Facebook page asserting that it was real and not being used to promote anything else.


Will there be more to this saga Thursday beyond the giveaway? Is this a shot at viral videos, at social media, at Ellen's selfie retweets, or something else? We'll have to be patient to find out.

Lloyd says it will all be worth it if it inspires anyone to go into "the hover sciences" — whatever those are. And while he may be joking, a lot of hoverboard dreamers must agree with one thing Lloyd says: "Here's to hoverboards being actually real someday."

Watch the original video below and read our previous story on the hoax.

HUVr: Believe