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TBS cancels 'The Pete Holmes Show'; watch 16 of the show's best comedy sketches

Pete Holmes and Matt McCarthy perform during CollegeHumor Offline Annual Production at Gramercy Theatre on Aug. 8, 2013 in New York City.
Pete Holmes and Matt McCarthy perform during CollegeHumor Offline Annual Production at Gramercy Theatre on Aug. 8, 2013 in New York City.
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

TBS has canceled the Los Angeles-based late night cable talk show "The Pete Holmes Show" after two seasons. The Conan O'Brien-produced show is set to end in June, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The show featuring comedian Pete Holmes followed "Conan" at midnight, but failed to pick up Conan's audience.

"We recognize Pete as one of the most relevant comedians working today," TBS said in a statement, the Hollywood Reporter reports. "We loved the show and gave it two chances. We just couldn't draw the audience needed to justify a third round. We hope we'll get to work with him again."

The show's biggest impact came through its sketch comedy, often deconstructing pop culture, particularly superheroes and video games. The show featured many pre-produced video sketches, several of which became viral hits — with far more views than the show usually scored viewers on television. Here are some of the best. (Warning: Some of these videos contain adult language and themes.)

Batman Vs. Superman

Holmes played Batman on the show several times. This sketch looks at the meaninglessness of Batman in a world where Superman exists, and it capitalized on the Batman/Superman movie buzz to draw almost 8 million hits on YouTube.

Batman Vs. Superman

Street Fighter Red Tape: Ryu

Holmes did a series with Street Fighter fighting game characters fighting against corporate red tape. The most popular was the character Ryu explaining what the different words he shouts when he does his moves mean, with Ryu played by Zack Morris himself, Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Street Fighter Red Tape: Ryu

Realistic Mario

The show took common Mario scenarios and showed what would happen in a more real life version of those situations. Hint: Mario may not do so well in the underwater levels.

Realistic Mario: Brick Block

Realistic Mario: Yoshi

Realistic Mario: Underwater

Lightweight James Bond

Holmes played Bond several times; this sketch takes a look at what James would be like if he actually had to drink real alcohol in every shot.

Lightweight James Bond


Holmes' most popular series was his run of sketches about Professor X giving the X-Men job reviews and ultimately firing them. Here's the full series, including a brand new one on Magneto:











Bonus: Pete Holmes field pieces

Holmes also did some strong interviews and field pieces during his show, often doing interviews outside the normal studio setup.

My Worst Best Friend: Chelsea Peretti

In The Ring With Ronda Rousey

Gabbin' Like Gals With Gillian Jacobs

You can see more of Pete Holmes' interviews and video pieces on his YouTube channel.