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Clark Gable III sentenced to jail for laser pointer vs. helicopter incident

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Clark Gable III, grandson of legendary Hollywood icon, Clark Gable, was sentenced to jail today for pointing a laser at a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter above Hollywood Boulevard on July 28.

Gable, apologetic in court, told the judge he was sorry, and that he'd learned a good lesson, says KTLA. The 23-year-old Canoga Park resident was ordered to 200 hours on a Caltrans work crew and ten days in jail. He will be on formal probation for three years and has already paid $570 in restitution. 

The King of Hollywood's kin claimed he was attempting to point the beam at the Hollywood sign and missed. Authorities said light obstructed the vision of the two officers briefly.

The "aspiring reality star" was previously in news when he was stabbed in the torso at a 2009 Calabasas party.