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Make no bones about it, cadaver dog helps investigators (with video)

Renee Grand Pre

Earlier today we ran a feature on Indiana Bones, the cadaver dog who gave investigators a hand on the severed limbs case in the Hollywood Hills.

Here is some video with Indy and her handler and coroner's investigator Renee Grand Pre. Videographer John Vande Wege takes us to Indy when she was on the job and training as a 4-year old:

And since a lot of great stuff often gets left on the chopping block, here's a tidbit from the notebook:

Indy might be a local celeb now, but she's also witnessed real star power.

In 2005, Indy and Grand Pre took a flight to Tennessee to train at its infamous "Body Farm," which holds the nation’s only and largest catalogue of human remains for study. Indy stretched out on the floor in coach, but up front was Lassie, primly in a first-class seat with her handler beside her.

"Indy goes to work when Lassie can’t quite communicate that Timmy has fallen down the well," Grand Pre told me with a laugh.

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Correction: The original story wrote the name "Kimmie" instead of "Timmy," who was the child in "Lassie."