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Woof you like fries with that? Dogs now permitted on restaurant patios

Photo by Professor Bop via Flickr Creative Commons

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Waiter, there's a dog in my soup.

L.A. County officials said Monday that dogs are now legally permitted to enjoy the luxury of outdoor restaurant dining alongside their owners. The new rule lets pups populate enclosed and fenced-off patios that were previously off-limits.

Under the new guidlines, they are not allowed on chairs or tables. You can not buy them a beer or rent them shoes or let them bowl your turn. And all pet pals must enter the restaurant patio through an outdoor gate (no dining room walk-throughs).

The change goes into effect immediately, KTLA reports, and each restaurant can decide whether or not to cater to canines or continue to ban the bark at outdoor tables.

Cities with their own public heath agencies, like Long Beach, Pasadena and Vernon, are not included in the measure.