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LAPD's car impound policy gets hearing today

An impounded car.
An impounded car.

This morning the L.A. Police Commission is hearing about a proposal that would change the LAPD's impound policy for unlicensed drivers.

The proposal by Police Chief Charlie Beck that would ease the penalties for some unlicensed drivers who have their cars towed and impounded. Some immigration activists and the ACLU have been fighting for such reform, saying it’s unfair to undocumented immigrants who cannot receive licenses in California. Beck has since also said he thinks illegal immigrants should have access to driver's licenses.

Under Beck's impound proposal, drivers would have to show valid identification, car registration and proof of insurance in order to avoid a mandatory 30-day impound. Drivers who were at fault in an accident, who had their licenses suspended, revoked or had been caught previously driving without a license would not qualify.

The city attorney's office also is expected to provide its own legal interpretation of the policy change during the meeting.

The police union opposes the change.

We'll be bringing you updates from the meeting as soon as we can. 

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Police Commission voted 4-1 in favor for Police Chief Charlie Beck's more lenient car impound policy proposal.