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CA GOP spokesperson apologizes for offensive tweet about Krystal Ball

Screenshot via Twitter

A California GOP spokeswoman has issued an apology after her "slut"-related comment via Twitter about MSNBC Democratic political strategist and one time nominee for U.S. Congress, Krystal Ball.

Though stated in her @CAPartyGirl bio that her "Tweets are my own," Jennifer Kerns, the new spokesperson and Communications Director for the California Republican Party, has come under fire for a March 2 message.

Kerns sent the offending tweet following the response to Rush Limbaugh calling a law student a "slut." She responded to media reaction by asking if MSNBC commentator Ball was a "stripper," and hashtagging the post "#sluts."

Limbaugh's "slut" and "prostitute," remarks were directed at Sandra Fluke, a woman who testified on Capitol Hill about contraception. His commentary prompted widespread outrage leading to an apology.

In a statement Limbaugh, said he chose the "wrong words" and that he did not mean a personal attack on Fluke. Similarly, in Kerns' apology, the new GOP hire claimed to have been aiming for "humor."