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Ocampo allegedly stalked victims, planned to frame friend in murder/suicide plot

Itzcoatl "Izzy" Ocampo (Photo courtesy of Anaheim Police Department)
Anaheim Police/AP

Details revealed in the grand jury transcript of accused homeless killer Itzcoatl "Izzy'" Ocampo continue to startle, with new information about the 23-year-old ex-Marine, the manner in which he allegedly stalked his victims, and the plans he had, detectives say, to kill his friend and frame him in a murder/suicide plot.

According to transcripts made public in Orange County Superior Court this week, Ocampo told police he intended to kill former friend Eder Herrera and make it appear as if the man murdered his own family and then committed suicide, the OC Register reported.

Herrera, who was initially charged with killing his mother and brother, left the house on the night of the attacks, forcing a change to the "suicide" part of Ocampo's setup sceme.

Ocampo went through with the Herrera family murders anyway, allegedly killling Eder's mother, 54-year-old Raquel Estrada, and her oldest son Juan Carlos Herrera, who was 34-years-old. Both were stabbed repeatedly in a similar manner to the four homeless men Ocampo is also accused of killing.

Via the OC Register, the 179-page grand jury transcript says:

Ocampo drove by 4251 Trix Circle in Yorba Linda some 15 times as he plotted the Estrada/Herrera slayings to get an idea of who was home, according to testimony from Brea Detective Philip Rodriguez. Ocampo launched his attack on the pair after he saw his former friend – Eder Herrera – leave through the front door. "He thought at that point was now there was only two people inside the house ... this would be easier now," Rodriguez testified.

As the dual attack took place inside the Trix Circle home, Ocampo said he would go back and forth between the mom and son, stabbing both multiple times, according to his confession to the detective. He said at one point Estrada asked him, "What are you doing? God loves you. Think about your family," according to Rodriguez's testimony.

When it was over, Juan Carlos Herrera had 50 stab wounds, according to forensic pathologist Dr. Lawrence Nguyen. His mother died of multiple stab wounds. Ocampo admitted that even after she was no longer moving, he continued to stab – to make sure she was dead, according to Rodriguez's testimony.

According to the transcript -- which also reveals in upsetting detail the method in which the accused man allegedly stalked and stabbed each of the homeless victims -- Ocampo said that he had "the killer gene."