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Several teens arrested after Westside parties go viral

Here’s a tip: If you live in the Westside, and your family is going on vacation, don’t announce it on Facebook -- or else all your crazy friends might break in, throw a party and trash the place.

That’s what happened last Friday night in the Pacific Palisades, after 13 friends (online friends, at least), learning that a house was empty while the owners went to Hawaii, forced their way in, drank, went nuts, and ultimately stole several laptops and other electronic equipment, according to the LA Times.

The 13 pals -- 11 youths and two young adults -- were all arrested after police tracked the “pings” from the laptops they stole. And the family members, having just arrived in Hawaii to start their nice Spring Break getaway, were instead called home to help sort out the mess.

Meanwhile, another Spring Break mess -- this one much bigger -- also drew police attention last weekend, also in the Westside and also fueled by social media.

According to the Times, the Saturday night soiree started in a Beverly Hills home, got shut down by police, then moved -- gaining in size and unruliness along the way, thanks to Twitter -- to a different home in the Holmby Hills.

At 10 p.m. that night, for example, someone named Smush Parker tweeted: “Another party goin up 1312 holmby avenue.” Messages like that were retweeted several times, reaching hundreds of cell phone-toting kids as they roamed the neighborhoods looking for the next party.

By 11 p.m., police said, more than 500 people had descended on that address, and even taken over the house next door. One neighbor told the Times it was “like a swarm of bees.” Police in riot gear eventually broke up the revelry, arresting several kids for trespassing and possession of marijuana.