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Can you hear me now: LAPD's 12-hour radio fail

Photo by Storm Crypt via Flickr Creative Commons

The Los Angeles Police Department experienced a 12 hours of radio interruption this week when a power outage caused communications to go down. The incident occurred Tuesday during a test of a backup generator at the Mount Lee communications facility near the Hollywood sign.

According to Police Cmdr. Andrew Smith, backup systems activated during the test fail, and officers continued to respond to emergengies. There was no danger to public safety, he said, adding that the department is allowed to test its emergency response operations.

Police station-to-squad car communication was not interrupted and on-board car computers reportedly continued to operate as normal.

Councilman Mitch Englander commented to the Daily News that the interruption put the officers and public at risk and said he will call for the dismissal of General Services Department general manager Tony Royster.

Peter Sanders, a police spokesman, said the department handled 911 calls successfully during the 12-hour blackout.


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