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Student disqualified from Fullerton High contest for gay marriage comment

Kearian Giertz
Kearian Giertz
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A Fullerton High School student was disqualified this week from an annual talent contest after making a comment about gay marriage.

Fullerton High senior Kearian Giertz was pulled off stage by the vice principal for his answer about where he saw himself in 10 years, says NBC LA.  The student answered that he hoped in ten years gay marriage would be legal. 

The school said no rules were violated by the student, meanwhile the Vice Principal has apologized.

Fullerton Union High School District  superintendent George J. Giokaris released a statement admitting “the District has concluded that [removing the student from the contest] was not handled appropriately by the Assistant Principal.” 

 Since the incident, students have been giving the assistant principal letters that say, "Mr. Abell: Where do you see yourself in ten years?"


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