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Northridge family finds anti-Semitic message written in maple syrup


Northridge police are still looking for the person or people who drew a swastika and the word “Jew” on someone’s driveway using a strange medium: maple syrup.

Police say someone left the message on either late Sunday night or early Monday morning at a home where a Jewish family lives. The culprits also TP’d the house – i.e. tossed rolls of toilet paper into the trees so they hang from the branches.

According to the Daily News, the incident does not constitute a hate crime -- or even a crime at all. That’s because maple syrup and toilet paper do not cause permanent damage, therefore no vandalism occurred. Still, police are asking the public’s help in finding whoever did it.

KPCC contacted Northridge police to ask for details, including why police were investigating the incident if it wasn’t a crime. However, authorities were not immediately available for comment.

No word as well on whether the culprits used the expensive stuff or Mrs. Butterworth’s.