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Mel Gibson still not a fan of the Jews, says screenwriter Joe Eszterhas

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A severe letter has surfaced from screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (of "Flashdance and "Basic Instinct" fame) to Mel Gibson (of anti-Semitic rants and "Lethal Weapon" fame) after a falling out during their collaboration on "The Maccabees," a film about Judas Maccabeus (of warrior/Hanukkah fame).

Obtained by The Wrap, the Eszterhas letter quotes a number of offensive statements allegedly made by the actor, and makes a variety of pointed accusations that Gibson denies in his reply letter, obtained by Deadline.

Eszterhas says Gibson's participation in "The Maccabees" project was an attempt at deflecting charges of anti-Semitism. Gibson says Eszterhas' work was below standards.

The project was put on hold, the L.A. Times reported Wednesday, after Warner Bros. rejected Eszterhas’ script.


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