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Lizard king: 2-headed, 6-legged bearded dragon joins Venice Beach 'Freakshow'

Screenshot via Venice Beach Freakshow on Facebook

There's a new lizard king lounging around Venice Beach who stands to take Jim's heady title in cold blood.

Claiming to have the largest multi-headed menagerie on the planet, Todd Ray, who displays his anomalous animals on Venice Beach, has added a new double to his terrarium of tumult.

Jeckyl and Hyde, a two-headed, six-legged bearded dragon, recently made its debut at the "Venice Beach Freakshow," a five dollar boardwalk must-see staple for odditiy admirers.

Ray is of two minds, however, about letting his new creature hang out with his other two-headed dragon, Pancho and Lefty, notes the Huffington Post.

Theoretically, all four noggins could share a space, but considering the rarity, he's opted to keep them separated just in case they dont see eye to eye to eye to eye. Each has a built-in friend, anyhow.

Though somewhat similar in their differences, each dragon duo has a unique set of behaviors.

Pancho and Lefty split food detail with one head as a vegetarian and the other eating crickets. Jeckyl and Hyde distribute the labor with one designated eater and one designated drinker.

In all, Ray has 22 living, double-domed creatures in his totally-out-there lair.


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