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Suspect in Norwalk church camera theft caught, thanks to church camera

Camera thief
Camera thief

A couple weeks ago, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department officials asked for the Norwalk community’s help in catching a pair of thieves who stole surveillance cameras from a church there. Now it appears that one suspect was arrested Tuesday -- thanks to an image taken by the very camera he allegedly stole.

Authorities say the men caught on video stole two Imax security cameras on March 20 from Las Buenas Nuevas Church at 11910 Alondra Blvd. Apparently they rode up on bicycles and pulled them right off the walls -- but not without leaving images of themselves behind for investigators to work with.

In an April 4 statement, sheriff’s officials called on the public’s help and posted three small pictures. It seems they were enough: “After seeing a suspect's photo,” officials announced this week, “a community member contacted deputies and identified a suspect in the theft of cameras from a Norwalk church.”

The suspect arrested Tuesday has been identified as 21-year-old Hector Munoz of Norwalk. He was booked on charges of theft and on an unrelated outstanding arrest warrant.

One suspect remains at large.