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'Jump Out Boys' investigated as secret clique inside LASD gang unit

Photo vis conner395 via Flickr Creative Commons

There are concerns about cliques of aggressive deputies within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and a new faction called the Jump Out Boys is being investigated.

The discovery of a document suggests "the group embraces shootings as a badge of honor," was recently discovered, reports the L.A. Times. Not much is known about the behavior or membership into the Jump Out Boys, and sources emphasized that internal affairs is still in its early stages.

It is believed that the investigation will focus on the department's Gang Enforcement Team -- a unit subdivided into two platoons of deputies who reportedly work with a substantial amount of autonomy. The units target violent neighborhoods where gang incidents and intimidation are a concern.

Sheriff's Department officials said internal cliques have been accused of fostering agressive, gang-like mentality and behavior among its members.

The "3000" clique comprised of officers who worked on the third floor of Men's Central Jail, for example, was known to use three-finger hand signs similar to what they saw in gang activity. That group was fired after fighting collegues at an employee party, and allegedly punching a female deputy in the face.

Other cliques (with names like Grim Reapers, Little Devils, Regulators, and Vikings) have also been accused of propogating gang-like mentatlity where memebers will commit perjury, cover up misconduct, and falsify official police reports and documents, says the Times.


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