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'420 Day' lights the conversation about marijuana legislation

Photo by Alexodus via Flickr Creative Commons

Morgan Fox, the Communications Manager for the Marijuana Policy Project, is surprisingly nonplussed on 420 Day.

While elsewhere, the media merriment surrounding weed's unofficial holiday brings puns, inside jokes, and in some cases, discounts, Fox does admit to KPCC that the day does bring a toke of credibility to his ongoing work on marijuana legislation.

Fox said the attention to drug policy is helpful because when people start talking about legalization they begin to realize "the failure of marijuana prohibition."

In addition to the lighthearted, lightheaded associations with the day, there are also serious "political undertones" that should not be overlooked, Fox explained from his office in Washington D.C.

Currently there are several drug and marijuana-related pieces of potential legislation traveling through California's political pipes. No matter the outcome, having these issues addressed in high level government, means that states are still trying to regulate.

Naturally, we also asked him if he knew the origin story of the number 420.

He said he's heard the same myths and legends as everyone but didn't really know. Luckily, the Huffington Post jumped down the rabbit hole of history to weed out fact from the fiction as it pertains to the magic number. Hint: It has nothing to do with Hitler's birthday.


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