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NBCLA tweets the 1992 LA riots in real-time

Real Time LA Riots Twitter account by NBCLA
Real Time LA Riots Twitter account by NBCLA

While the LA Times went fishing with Rodney King, NBC Los Angeles has decided to do something equally unique to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 riots.

The television news station is tweeting the past. 

From the controversial verdict to the tragic aftermath, NBCLA is tweeting the events, the photos, and the quotes as they happened (sometimes to the minute) 20 years ago.

The Twitter account @RealTimeLARiots launched Friday while the historic trial was underway. "Court Update: 4 LAPD officers opt for all-or-nothing verdict.#RodneyKing #Trial", it tweeted. Over the last few days they have quoted LAPD Chief Daryl Gates as well as lawyers of the defendants. 

As fascinating as it is to have a virtual real-time account of the drama in one's Twitter feed, only 254 people have chosen to follow it thus far.

New followers shouldn't feel like they have missed much. So far there have only been 26 tweets and a handful of retweets and the jury is in deliberations. NBC promises that soon the tweets will be more dynamic.

"On April 29 at 3:15 p.m., the verdict will be announced and the account will shift focus to the riots, complete with archive footage, photos and breaking news from around Los Angeles," NBCLA wrote on its site Monday.

This isn't the first time there the past was documented via Twitter. Last week the sinking of the Titanic was live-tweeted to over 100,000 followers via @TitanicRealTime.