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FBI releases composite sketches of 'Snowboarder Bandit' of Orange County

Composite sketches of the Snowboarder Bandit
Composite sketches of the Snowboarder Bandit

The FBI released several composite sketches Monday of the man who is suspected of holding up 10 Southern California banks, including a Wells Fargo last week in Irvine.

Known as the "Snowboarder Bandit" due to his affinity for wearing ski clothes and a knit cap, he has also sported a motorcycle helmet during one trip to a Citibank in March, says the FBI.

Witnessed have described him as a tall man, about 6' 2", and between 25 and 32 years old.

Two banks are each offering a $5,000 reward for his arrest and conviction, meaning $10,000 could go to someone who turns in one of Orange County's most-wanted bandits.

The FBI can be reached at their Santa Ana office at (714) 542-8825 for people who may know of his identity or location.