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San Bernardino woman, 95, tied to her rocking chair after battling burglar with rolling pin


A 95-year-old kitchen-utensil-weilding woman was tied to her rocking chair in a home-invasion burglary in San Bernardino.

According to San Bernardino police, a man described as white, about 6-foot-4 and between 180 and 220 pounds, climbed onto the victim’s second-floor balcony late Saturday night, broke in and tied her to the chair with electrical tape. He also covered her head with a bag, according to ABC, then made off with jewelry and other items.

ABC identified the victim as Frances South, and says she lived alone on the 3000 block of North F Street. She was not hurt during the robbery.

South appears to be a tough lady: Her son Larry South told ABC that his mom “went after him with this rolling pin at first. That’s why he tied her up. Thank goodness he didn’t hurt her.”

Authorities say several men matching the burglar’s description -- he also wore a black jacket and black pants -- were brought in for a police lineup. South left town, however, to stay with her son in Arizona, so now police are hoping to bring her back so she can pick out the one who did this.

Last month an 87-year-old woman and her two daughters were tied up with tape during another home-invasion robbery in San Bernardino. However, police say the two crimes are not related.