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Ventura Boulevard closed after driver knocks over power pole, catches truck on fire (video)

Stay off Ventura Boulevard today.

A woman driving her pickup through Universal City late last night smashed into a utility pole, knocking down high-voltage power lines and catching her own truck on fire. Then, bizarrely, she tried to climb back into the truck even as it burned, according to witnesses.

The resulting mess -- with severed high-tension wires and debris strewn about Ventura Boulevard -- means the street will be closed for most of Thursday around the 10000 block near Lankershim Boulevard, according to reports.

A KNBC camera crew captured dramatic video of the pickup engulfed in flames, along with witness testimony of the accident. The video is posted above.

Authorities believe the woman was intoxicated, and a man who sprang into action to help her said she “was trying get back in” because she was in shock.

Amazingly, the driver suffered only minor injuries in the crash, which police say occurred at 11:41 p.m. Wednesday. She was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.