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Garden Grove roomies use forged check to fund weird shopping spree in New York, Murietta

Alexa Polar (left) and Robin Pabello
Alexa Polar (left) and Robin Pabello
Orange County DA's Office

It sounds like the start of a corny movie: Two roommates in Garden Grove, women in their mid-30s with nothing to do, have a bright idea for a trip to New York.

But it was no movie, and yesterday 35-year-old Alexa Polar and 34-year-old Robin Pabello were sentenced to a year in jail with credit for time served and three years probation for altering a bank check so that it appeared to be worth $285,000 -- bingo! -- and using that fraudulent money to hire a private jet to New York, where they and several friends rented fancy rooms in Times Square, bought fancy jewelry and totally treated themselves.

Aside from all that, the Orange County Register reports, the duo drew down huge cashier’s checks from their joint account full of someone else’s money, which they used as down payments on a $3.7 million mansion in Murietta.

Why? Why?

Inevitably, the issuing bank followed up and rejected the forged check, and the game was up.

Both pleaded guilty to felony forgery charges -- avoiding six-year sentences if convicted -- and have paid more than $42,000 in restitution to the bank, according to the Register.