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Mountain lion shot and killed at Santa Monica office building

Photo by Santa Monica Police Department via PatrickNBCLA/Twitter

The Santa Monica Police Department and the Department of Fish and Game have corralled a mountain lion in a Santa Monica office complex courtyard on Second Street, police said. The animal has not yet been tranquilized.

Police have closed Second Street for the incident. A janitor reported the sighting at about 6 a.m.

"With the Santa Monica Mountains nearby, we see all kinds of critters," said Lt. Calisse Lindsey Santa to NBC LA, of the Santa Monica Police Department. "Raccoons, deer it’s amazing what I've seen in last few years. It happens, but never a mountain lion in a building."

UPDATE 10 a.m. NBC LA reports the mountain lion was shot and killed when it tried to escape. 

UPDATE 10 31 a.m. NBC now reporting the mountain lion was an 80-pound male. 

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