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Manson family recordings may hold clues to unsolved killings

Charles Manson. A judge will decide whether to release
Charles Manson. A judge will decide whether to release "Manson family" audio tapes to Los Angeles police.
California Department of Corrections/AP

A judge is set to rule today on whether a collection of Manson family member recordings will be turned over to Los Angeles authorities.

Officials believe the tapes may hold clues to unsolved killings.

The Texas hearing involves audio recordings of conversations between Manson family member Charles "Tex" Watson and his attorney.

Watson, who previously made the tapes available to the co-author of his 1978 book "Will You Die for Me?," is currently serving a life sentence for his involvement in the 1969 Tate-La Bianca murders.

The tapes were part of the estate of now-deceased Texas lawyer Bill Boyd. Los Angeles authorities say they received a tip that the recordings, and other items, may include information pertaining to unsolved cases. 

Police say they have no specific information on what the recordings contain, however, the Associated Press reports.

Charles Manson, who was denied parole in April, will be 92 the next time he's eligible.