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Report: Hardcore porn was filmed at the Coliseum

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on September 2011.
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on September 2011.
Harry How/Getty Images

Scoring at the Coliseum is best left to the pros, it seems.

The taxpayer-owned stadium where "USC Trojans play football, two Summer Olympics were staged, John F. Kennedy accepted the Democratic presidential nomination and Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass," was somehow discovered by the L.A. Times to also hold another standout distinction: It was the location for a hard-core porn flick called, "The Gangbang Girl #32."

Featuring 40 minutes of gritty, gridiron group sex, "the plot of the movie, to the extent that it has one, revolves around a football team and a cheerleader," notes the newspaper.

About half of the 90-minute movie was shot at the stadium during the course of one evening in 2001. With night lights on, the stadium seats, tunnel, and iconic architecture all clearly visible. 

"I was just in awe that we were at the Coliseum," said a star of the film, who goes by the name Mr. Marcus. "I've made movies for about 20 years and I've done a lot of things, but that one really stands out.… I mean, who gets to have sex on the Coliseum floor?"

How or whether the production company, Anabolic Video, got permission to use the historic landmark is unclear. A spokesman for the state attorney general's office told the Times he did not know if filming pornography on state property was illegal. 

People familiar with operations at the stadium told the Times that "gaining access to the locked stadium and firing up the field lights typically requires the approval of a high-ranking manager."

Zev Yaroslavsky and Mark Ridley-Thomas, who were on the commission when the film was shot, declined an interview with The Times. KPCC has reached out to the county supervisors for comment, and will update when we learn more.

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