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Man stabs older roommate to death in their North Hollywood apartment, police say

Photo by Harvey K via Flickr Creative Commons

A 68-year-old North Hollywood man was stabbed to death by his roommate on Saturday after he tried to stop the younger man from assaulting his own girlfriend, police say.

The victim, identified by the Daily News as Jorge Vallardes, was attacked at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning in his apartment on the 12900 block of Vanowen Street, authorities said.

According to a police statement, Vallardes was trying to break up an altercation between his roommate, Manuel Garcia-Perez, and his roommate’s girlfriend. Garcia-Perez turned on Vallardes and stabbed him several times, police say. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Daily News states that Garcia-Perez then “fled into the night wearing only jeans.” As police put it, the 5-foot-5, 130 pound suspect “was wearing blue jeans, no shirt or shoes and may have sustained injuries from the altercation.”

With the help of canine units, police caught up to Garcia-Perez 11 hours later and not far away -- at about 1:30 p.m. Sunday near the intersection of Barbara Ann Street and Bellaire Avenue in North Hollywood. He was arrested and booked at Valley Jail on charges of murder and domestic violence, and is being held without bail.

There are a few discrepancies on the ages of the suspect and victim. Police said Garcia-Perez is 21, a number repeated by the L.A. Times and many others, but the more recent story by the Daily News puts his age at 28. And Vallardes is variously reported as being 67 or 68.

Also, police stated that the apartment was on the 12000 block of Vanowen Street, but that was revised to the 12900 block near Coldwater Canyon Boulevard.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call North Hollywood Homicide detectives at (818) 623-4075 or (818) 623-4045.