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LAPD says last night was fairly quiet, one incident provoked crowd control weapons

Foam rubber batons are used to disperse crowds.
Foam rubber batons are used to disperse crowds.
Courtesy of LAPD

Though Kings victory celebrations were generally pretty tame last night, one incident ended in police using foam rubber baton rounds to send celebrants scattering.

According to LAPD Commander Andy Smith, a group of troublemakers that police had been keeping their eyes on started banging on a city bus, trying to break its windows and possibly flip it over.

So officers fired a 37mm gas gun — essentially a barrel you can shoot different kinds of things out of — filled with packs of black, rubber, barrel-shaped pellets. The pellets look, ironically, like small hockey pucks, but are apparently much softer and squishier, with a consistency akin to a ball of athletic tape. When they're shot, there's a flash of light and a bang. The rounds are fired at the ground and bounce indiscriminately. If they hit a person, ideally in the legs, they sting and can leave a bruise. 

Last night, they were apparently enough to send the alleged troublemakers scattering.

In addition, there were four arrests (unrelated to the bus incident) of rowdy Kings fans last night; two people were detained and released without arrest.