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Get out of my Facebook: Users upset over quiet email switch

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Over the weekend, Facebook added a feature that lets users change what contact information is displayed on their Timeline, directly from the Timeline.

In rolling out this change, the company defaulted user displayed email addresses to addresses, and hid the user's previously selected choice.

The ill-received change was first pointed out by bloggers over the weekend. Feeds fueled with passionate disapproval followed shortly after.

An email sent to a address lands the email in the messages of a user's profile, and the more people use Facebook to communicate, the more the company can target ads based on conversations.

"They've got an email service that no one is using," said Forrester analyst Nate Elliott to the Associated Press. Getting people to send emails to and from Facebook deepens people's connection to the site, he added. "This is a way of encouraging use — it's just a rather crude way."

Users who are bothered by the change can reset their profile. Facebook didn't delete the previously displayed email addresses. To revert back to the original address, click on the "about" section of your profile, look for "Contact Info," and click on the edit icon on its right hand corner. There, you can change who can see your email address and which email addresses they can see.