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Los Angeles sunset photos: Those amazing colors explained

On Wednesday evening, the sun gave Los Angeles a really nice display of color. We asked the National Weather Service to explain the unexpected hues of purples and pinks.

Meteorologist Carol Smith credits the tropical moisture from Hurricane Fabio, which brought light showers to Southern California on Wednesday. 

"The moisture in the air creates different colors that we're not used to seeing, because it's usually drier, clearer, maybe smoggy," she added.

Smith added that the clouds themselves change how we see the sun's rays. "You get different kinds of sunsets depending on the different clouds we get in the atmosphere," she explained. "The cloud droplets, liquid droplets, change the way that the lights are refracted through the clouds."

For those that missed it, we collected some of the tons of photos that were taken. Feel free to add photos we might have missed in the comments.